Desert safari in Dubai is a must-try thing. Experience this safari during the Dubai tour and make your trip exciting and thrilling. At the Pearl of the Gulf, the Dubai Desert is located with mesmerizing scenery and the safari of this desert is typically an amazing journey. Sand is all around and there is no space for tall buildings or exotic beaches but it’s a magnificent golden land and no matter which safari you choose the vast sandland seems to engulf you gradually.

We at Kyka Group, have come up with a compact desert safari package for you in which you will have a camel ride along with dune bashing to make the event sensational. In the evening enjoy traditional Tanoura dance and native live cultural acts performed by professionals and finish the night with your friends and family with a delicious BBQ dinner. In the depth of this Arabian sandy land, you can also amplify your adventure hunger with sandboarding, hot air balloon, stargazing, quad bike riding, sand-skiing, etc.  

You can enjoy this spectacular Dubai desert safari with family and friends at different times according to your wish. Every single time shift has its own beauty and purpose. In the following, we will go through every desert safari time.

  • Morning Dubai Desert Safari:

In the morning, start an adventurous day of desert safari with a stunning sunrise view of the Arabian desert and wrap up with engaging live performances. With Kyka Group experience the best Dubai desert safari at a reasonable price. Pump your adrenaline flow with dune bashing jeep safari, experience a quad bike ride, sand skiing, and more. Click amazing 360-degree pictures from a hot air balloon and witness an enchanting sunset view from the top.

  • Day Dubai Desert Safari with special Luxury Jeep Wrangler:

Enjoy the exciting Dubai Desert Safari with a class aboard a luxury Jeep Wrangler. Kyka Group welcomes you to experience the rush of the desert as you crash the dunes in a 4×4 private classic car. Come with your friends and family to live a dream experience in the Dubai Desert. Spend a memorable day with engaging desert activities like camel rides, sandboarding, etc. Witness a beautiful sunset view of nature and capture stunning pictures with an incredible background view. Step into an entertaining night featuring traditional belly and Tanura dance while having an international buffet. 

  • Evening Dubai Desert Safari:  

Get ready for a rejuvenating evening in the desert of Dubai with our evening Dubai desert safari. Kyka Group invites you to experience a lovely desert safari in a traditional camp amid the desert heart. Here, you will explore different activities like camel rides, henna painting, and exciting sand boarding, and witness an unforgettable sunset on a dune-bashing safari. Wind up the night with a mouthwatering BBQ buffet and enjoy your dinner with various live shows like belly dancing, and fire shows. 

Best Dubai Desert Activities With Safari:

We all know that desert safari in Dubai is not only restricted to adventurous sand safari. But it originates one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences for visitors in a proper sustainable and engaging manner. It does not matter whether you have multiple time experiences or it’s your first try, adventure activities in the Dubai desert never make you feel bored. 

Are you looking for some more fun with your desert safari? Here in the following, we are discussing some categorically crafted desert safari adventure activities in Dubai. 

  • Camel Ride Joy:

Riding on a bumpy camel will enhance your adventure level in the Dubai desert excursion. Sitting on a camel’s back, you can go for a 45-minute desert wildlife expedition during the lonesome desert. Though you will have three different timings for desert safari, the evening time is considered the perfect time for camel riding. Enjoy the golden sunset glow with a picture-perfect picturesque background, and take breathtaking pictures in various splendid photography stops. It is best to go for an evening Dubai desert safari for camel riding.

Price: This camel riding price is very reasonable and it generally starts from 50 AED. 

  • Thrilling Dune Bashing:

If you are looking for endless fun in the Arabian desert, then you can hardly miss trying the thrill of dune bashing. This journey consists of an exciting 30-minute jeep riding all over the massive desert dunes at various speeds. Adventure lovers should never miss this opportunity as you will have a guaranteed electrifying experience. 

Price: The cost of dune bashing mostly starts from 100 AED.  

  • Crazy Quad Biking:

Experience an adrenaline-pumping quad bike riding in the Dubai desert is exceptionally exciting. On the huge uneven sand terrains especially on canyons and long low plateaus riding a four-wheeled motorbike is sensational indeed. Don’t worry about safety as you will get all the necessary safety gear. You just ride the bike and enjoy the unmatched surrounding beauty like mesmerizing sunset hue and more. 


In the end, we must say that the Dubai desert is just heaven for adventure enthusiasts. Far away from the super-busy city life and the concrete jungle, the desert safari of Dubai will take you to completely a different place. Along with camel rides, dune bashing, and quad bike rides, it also has desert skiing and air balloon rides. You will get a perfect blend of adventure and a peaceful serene ambiance here. This is the time to explore the great Dubai desert with our special Dubai desert safari family package.