Do you ever explore the wonderland? Here on the Miracle Garden tour, there are stunning floral displays that make you fall in love with them. If not, the miracle gardens in Dubai would be a great place to visit during your winter break. The arrangement is nothing less than a miniature world of floral wonders spread over a 72,000-square-foot area. Kyka Group LLC. welcomes you to the floral world with nearly 50 million flowers blooming all over the place lends to the uniqueness of this magical place. 

Marigolds, petunias, and geraniums are some of the most common ones. This exhibit features a replica of the magnificent Burj Khalifa, as well as arcs, tombs, huts, and houses decorated with vibrant flowers. You’re greeted by unusual layouts and heart-shaped passageways. There are many attractions to enjoy here, including Disney avenue, emirates a380, lost paradise, cabanas, floral clocks, gazebos, and lake parks.

Prime Spots In Dubai Miracle Garden: 

We bring you to an adorable destination of beautiful landscapes and floral nature from Kyka Group LLC in the Miracle Garden tour package. Dubai Miracle Garden offers more than sightseeing activities if that’s what you think about it. There are a lot more things to do here. The passageways are perfect for strolling and relaxing at cabanas, or you can dine at international food restaurants and kiosks. The choice is yours! Additionally, there’s a butterfly garden here, wherein butterfly enthusiasts have a tough time tracking and spotting the 15000 free-flying butterflies. 

  • Emirates A380: 

The emirates A380 is the world’s biggest floral installation with over 500,000 living plants and blooms. The entire structure is made from recycled materials and a drip irrigation system to keep the plants irrigated, providing a perfect example of sustainable landscaping principles. 

  • Umbrella Tunnel:

The umbrella tunnel is one of the most unique creative features of the Dubai miracle garden. It features upturned colorful umbrellas with flowers in them, creating a dramatic passage. There are ample spaced chairs and tables for you to sit and relax with a meal or a snack with friends and family. 

Teddy Bear: 

The teddy bear is a one-of-a-kind, massive floral shape similar to a cuddly teddy bear carrying a giant heart. In the sixth season of the Dubai miracle garden, the main theme was this structure. 

Sunflower Field: 

Thousands of bright yellow-colored sunflowers bloom with brilliance in the Dubai sun. These vibrant flowers are the biggest and tallest flowers in the Dubai miracle garden.

  • Heart Tunnel: 

This is a spectacular passage with heart shapes that are made of beautiful and vibrant flowers. A stroll through this tunnel is one of the most memorable experiences in this garden, thanks to the combination of fragrant flowers and vibrant hearts. 

  • Burj khalifa: 

Created in 2014, this stunning Miracle Garden tour, a floral version of Burj Khalifa was created. Within this tower have been many minor but noticeable improvements. The tower’s base is made up entirely of petunia and marigolds. 

  • Floral Bungalows and Houses: 

Dubai miracle garden has colorful bungalows and houses that make the entire atmosphere incredibly relaxing. These structures are arranged throughout the garden and are made up of millions of flowers. They give off the appearance of a fairyland at first glance. Each house and bungalow in the garden is unique. 

  • Flower Lady:

The flower lady is one of the most prominent features of Dubai’s miracle garden, as shown by the following images. In the Miracle Garden tour package, there are two flower ladies, one with a hat and the other without it. Thousands of flowers cover these enchanting ladies. 

  • Floral Peacock: 

This floral peacock is laden with a large variety of flowers, making it look like a 3d painting. The peacock shape is a symbol of kingship and admiration.

Distance From Airport and Key Places:

Dubai Miracle Garden is situated in a prime location in the Dubailand district, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. If you are staying nearby Burj Khalifa, then you are just 14 km away from this beautiful floral wonderland. If you are flying from outside and want to visit straightway to Dubai Miracle Garden from the airport then you just need to cover the 30 km distance from Dubai International Airport.  

Timing to Visit:

The timings to visit Dubai Miracle Garden are very suitable and enormous. It is open both weekdays and weekends. On weekdays the timings are between 9 AM to 9 PM. On weekends, fun and enjoyment are more as it opens from 9 AM to 11 PM.  


The prices of the tickets are pretty different as divided depending on the ages. Book your ticket from us hassle-free at Kyka Group LLC. 

Adult: AED 75/person    Child: AED 65/person.


In the conclusion, Dubai miracle garden, a 50 million-flower wonderland, is one of the UAE’s most popular attractions. You must visit the world’s largest natural flower garden, with hundreds of flower-formed displays spread over 18 acres (7.3 hectares). Visit and explore the nature and creative floral structure with us at Kyka Group LLC.