Musandam is Oman’s northernmost governorate, separated from the rest of Oman by the uae, and home to some of the sultanate’s most dramatic landscape. With stunning fjords and crystal-clear waters, this area is one of the world’s best diving and snorkeling spots. The city of Khasab is a great base from which to explore the Musandam peninsula, where you can enjoy the scenery from the water. 

Starting with a cruise on a traditional dhow to spot pods of dolphins resting and feeding, before heading out on a 4wd vehicle or mountain bike to the surrounding mountains and fjords if you’re feeling extra adventurous. In the Musandam tour, Kumzar is only accessible by sea and requires an invitation from a local. Boat trips to telegraph island or khawr Najd, for a memorable one- or two-day excursion, are also available.

Musandam Tour Package by Kyka Group LLC. 

On a full-day tour, experience the beauty of the Musandam peninsula of Oman with azure-colored seawater. The amazing mountains of Musandam, a lovely little chunk of Oman on Dubai’s northeastern side, are welcome to explore the kyka group. On a 5.5-hour luxury wooden dhow cruise, get ready for a relaxing ride. Relax, sit back, enjoy the spectacular scenery of the seascapes, and glide between gigantic rocky peaks. 

Explore Oman’s most popular sandy beaches and fjords, where dolphins roam. Explore the diverse landscapes of Khasab and feel the historic presence at Khasab castle. We will stop on telegraph island, where you can spend some fun time with your family or friends by swimming and snorkeling. Along with an authentic Arabic lunch buffet, we will have regular mouth-watering beverages.  

Attractive Tourist Destinations in Musandam:


In the Musandam tour package, at khasab port, meet with your guide at 9:30 a.m. Start with a briefing on the day’s itinerary and set sail from the port on a traditional dhow boat. Take in the beauty of the Khor ash sham fjord, which is known for its crystal clear waters, abundant marine life, and vibrant coral reefs. At around 11:45 am, sail past Nadifi and Quanah before making a stop at telegraph island in khasab bay. 

In the crystal clear waters, take some time to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Onboard, enjoy a bite to eat before heading south to Sibi island. Before heading to the village of sham, make a stop here for more swimming and snorkeling. Before heading back to khasab port, where you will arrive at around 4:00 p.m., get to know the village better with your guide.

Khasab Castle:

On the Musandam peninsula in Oman, see the main attractions of the port city of khasab. Visit the old and new souks and visit the khasab fort, which was built by the Portuguese at the start of the 17th century. Explore the unique features of Khasab fort, which includes crenelated stone turrets, model wooden boats, and a museum of handmade and archaeological finds. After lunch, visit wadi Qadah and the old village of Tawi, where you will find prehistoric rock carvings depicting camels, ships, and warriors that are more than 2,000 years old.

Adventurous Mountain Safari to Jabel Harim:

The highest peak in Musandam is jebel Harim, which means “the mountain of women.” A radar station on the summit of the mountains of Hormuz monitors shipping way below, providing spectacular panoramic views back to khasab and onwards to Dibba. Many rocks are covered with preserved fossils, giving a rare glimpse at ancient submarine life such as mollusks, fish, clams, and many trilobites.

From khasab, drive up into the mountains, stopping at viewpoints along the way on the Musandam tour. The village of Sayah, a picturesque hamlet still inhabited by desert-dwelling Bedouin people, will be worth a visit. The place is well-known for its ancient petrographs and 3,000-year-old paintings that have been splattered on the rock face.

Dibba Day Dhow Cruise Experience with Snorkeling:

On a half-day dhow cruise to khasab, which is best known for its fjords, coral reefs, colored fish, and dolphins, you will see the beauty of the region. Swim and snorkel in crystal clear water with stunning fjords as the backdrop. 

In the Musandam tour package, this dhow cruise takes you to the Khor sham fjord, where you will be welcomed by a dolphin community and experience the sea’s silence. Anchor near the historic telegraph island to snorkel and swim, and enjoy the colorful reef life. You will be provided with life jackets and a snorkeling kit on board your cruise. Onboard, refreshments will be provided.


Kyka Group LLC. is all set to welcome you to the dream destination of your life in Musandam. You will get various Musandam tour packages that include sightseeing at Khasab Castle, and Jabel Harim Mountain Safari. A full-day exciting experience on the Musandam Dibba dhow cruise and explore tiny fishing villages, hidden bays, and rocky cliffs. Many more exciting activities like swimming and snorkeling are all you can do. Travel through the magnificent Hajar Mountains to the Musandam Peninsula and get a delicious Arabic buffet with frequent refreshments.