The Dubai desert safari is the most adventurous thing to do. During the Dubai tour, enjoy this safari and make your stay enjoyable and exciting. The Dubai desert is surrounded by breathtaking scenery at the pearl of the gulf, and the safari in this desert is usually an exciting journey. There’s sand all around and there’s no room for tall buildings or exotic beaches, but it’s a stunning golden land, and the vast sandland seems to engulf you gradually with each safari. 

We at kyka group have created a small desert safari package for you that includes a camel ride as well as dune bashing, making the trip extra special. In the evening, enjoy traditional tanoura dances and traditional live cultural performances by professionals, and finish the night with a hearty bbq dinner with your coworkers and family. 

Different types of Dubai Desert Safari Deals:

  • Dubai Desert Safari in the morning:

Start an exciting day of desert safari in the morning with a breathtaking sunrise view of the Arabian desert, followed by enthralling live performances. Experience the best Dubai desert safari at a reasonable price with kyka group. Get your adrenaline pumping with a dune-bashing jeep safari, a quad bike ride, sand skiing, and more. From a hot air balloon, you can see breathtaking 360-degree pictures of the breathtaking sunset view.  

Exclusive Jeep Wrangler Desert Safari:

Enjoy the exciting Dubai desert safari deal aboard a luxury jeep wrangler. In a 4×4 private classic vehicle, the Kyka Group LLC. welcomes you to experience the thrill of the desert. Come along with your family and acquaintances to live a dream experience in the Dubai desert. Spend a memorable day in the desert by doing adventurous activities such as camel rides, sandboarding, etc. With an amazing backdrop view, enjoy a stunning sunset view of nature and capture stunning photos. Enjoy an exciting night of traditional belly and Tanura dances as well as an international buffet.

  • Dubai Desert Safari in the evening:

With our evening Dubai desert safari, you will be able to enjoy a rejuvenating evening in Dubai’s desert. In a traditional camp in the desert heart, Kyka Group LLC. invites you to experience a unique desert safari. On a dune-bashing safari, you will experience camel rides, henna painting, and exciting sand boarding. End the night with a delectable bbq buffet and enjoy your dinner with live entertainment such as belly dancing and fire shows.

Different Dubai Desert Safari Activity Deals:

Safari is one of Dubai’s best desert activities. we all know that desert safari in Dubai is not limited to adventurous sand safari. It also provides one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for visitors in a safe, enjoyable way. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple travel experiences or if it’s your first attempt, adventure activities in the Dubai desert will never make you feel tired. 

Are you looking for some more fun on your desert safari? We’re going to cover some of Dubai’s most popular desert safari activities in the following paragraphs.

  • Camel Ride:

In the Dubai desert safari booking, riding on a bumpy camel will raise your adventure level. During the lonesome desert, you can go for a 45-minute desert wildlife tour by sitting on a camel’s back. Though you will have three different times for a desert safari, the evening is considered to be the best time for camel riding. Enjoy the golden sunset glow against a stunning scenic backdrop, as well as take stunning photos in the various stunning photography stops. For an evening Dubai desert safari, it is recommended to go for a camel ride. 

Dune Bashing: 

If you’re looking for endless fun in the Arabian desert, you should not miss the thrill of dune bashing. This journey takes you on a 30-minute jeep that travels at various speeds through the vast desert dunes. You should never miss this opportunity for an enthralling experience.  

Quad Biking: 

Extremely thrilling quad bike riding is the most fascinating Dubai desert safari deal. A four-wheeled motorcycle is awe-inspiring on the vast uneven sand plains, particularly on canyons and long low plateaus. Don’t worry about safety, since you will have all the right safety equipment. You just ride the bike and enjoy the unmatched surrounding beauty like mesmerizing sunset hue and more. 


Are you ready for the Dubai desert safari booking? In the depths of the Arabian sandy plain, you can do many crazy stuffs and explore numerous attractive places. Amplify your adventure thirst by doing sandboarding, hot air ballooning, stargazing, quad bike riding, sand-skiing, etc. At different times as you like, you can enjoy this spectacular Dubai desert safari with your family and friends.